The pattern making process is the first step after receiving and reviewing tech packs. The first patterns are made on paper to create the first sample.  We sample directly in the correct fabric, meaning our first sample is usually also the salesman sample. Why do we do this? Because in the 8 years we have been making contemporary styles for our clients, some of which are very unusual shapes and constructions since as a large portion of our clients present at Fashion Week and are highly innovative to say the least, we have learnt to clearly interpret designs and make correct patterns first time round. Changes are usually minor and are spotted when we send the first images of the completed samples to the designer. In this way, we save time as well as resources in sending a toile back and forth.


We have 3 in-house pattern makers with extensive experience in western designs and contemporary styles – our sampling capabilities are certainly to western standards and often to better due to the variety of types of designs we are used to working on, ranging from innovative streetwear styles to high fashion elegance, each new designer constantly pushing us to improve more and more.


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